Immigrants in Iowa

Immigrants in Iowa from southern of the Oldenburg province

Stephan Honkomp of Steinfeld have published in „JAHRBUCH für das Oldenburger Münsterland 1999“ about immigrants in Dyersville and New Vienna from „Oldenburger Münsterland“ particularly of Steinfeld.
He listed following names:


– Becker, Christoph and Wife nee Macke emigrated 1843 from Steinfeld, son Henry Becker (*23.Aug.1840 Steinfeld, +30.April 1914 Dyersville) married 2.Jun.1868 Wilhelmina Koopmann (*21.Aug.1848 Holdorf, +1.Jan.1913 Dyersville), emigrated 1866 from Holdorf

– Diekmann, Bernard (*18.Dec.1828 Steinfeld) and wife Josefine nee Schröder(*29.Jan.1837)  and three children Franz(*17.May 1862), Josefine(1.Apr.1864), Maria(4.May 1866), emigrated 1867 from Steinfeld, later moved to Remsen/Iowa

– Kramer, Hermann-Heinrich (*17.Febr.1810 Steinfeld, +1889 Dyersville) and wife Maria Catharina Krogmann(*1810), married 1833, with eigth children(following), emigrated 1857

– Kramer, Anton (*18.Sep.1826 Steinfeld, +1886) , a brother of Hermann-Heinrich, married 1857 in Dyersville Anna Koelker(*1837, +1920)  from Hannover

– Kramer, Carl (*19.Sep.1847, +1936) , a son of Hermann-Heinrich, emigrated 1857, married 1873 Catherine Drexler

– Kramer, Clemens (*1842 Steinfeld, +4.Nov.1906), brother of Carl, married 1870 Maria Brüggemann

– Kramer, Franz (*16.Nov.1840 Steinfeld),  married 1866 Mary Ellen Hendricks(*1841 Albany)

– Kramer, Johann Heinrich(*12.Aug.1838 Steinfeld), emigrated 1856 with oncle Anton, married 1860 Caroline Klostermann(*4.Oct.1833 Steinfeld)  in Dyersville, moved later to New Vienna

– Kramer, Joseph (*1850, +1883), a son of Hermann-Heinrich, emigrated 1857 and married 14.Oct.1874 Elisabeth Böckenstedt, she married later Bernard Engelken(*1860)  from Aschendorf

– Macke, Heinrich (*1817 Steinfeld) with wife Maria Anna nee Macke and two sons, emigrated 1869

– Osterhues, Franz (or Osterhaus, Frank)(*01.Dec.1847 Steinfeld, +13.Aug.1924), married 1873 Elisabeth Klaus,
emigrated together with Heinrich Scherbring 1866

– Schockemöhle, Anton (or Schockemoehl) (*12.Sept.1834 Lehmden/Steinfeld, +1906) with wife Caroline Krogmann(*04.Jan.1840, +1899) and two children Josefine and Wilhelmina emigrated 1866

– Wilmhoff, Hermann (*14.Oct.1833 Steinfeld, +1904) with wife Caroline Haskamp (*1830, +1900) and a daugther Maria-Anna , emigrated 1866
Karte-New-ViennaNew Vienna

– Abeln, Hermann from Werlte and Katharina Rolfes(*27.Oct.1844 Steinfeld) with three children, emigrated 1869 to New Vienna

– Beckmann, Gerhard (*16.Oct.1828 Steinfeld-Holthausen) and wife Agnes Kramer(*28.Dec.1835, +27.May 1874), a sister of Carl Kramer, emifrated 1856 to New Vienna, moved 1861 to Dyersville, married 1876 Maria Anna Klostermann

– Bagge, Josef(*19.March 1851), emigrated 1870

– Blöcker, Josef (*18.Dec.1833 Steinfeld) with wife Cathrina Olberding and three children Josef, Franz, Heinrich, emigrated about 1870

– Blöcker, Clemens (14.Jan.1856 Steinfeld), emigrated 1870 to New Vienna, moved later to Kansas

– Böckenstedt, Franz Heinrich(*25.Jul.1800 Steinfeld, +1886 New Vienna) with wife Maria Elisabeth Meyer(*1795) and seven children, Heinrich(*30.Jan.1830), Franz(*8.Aug.1831), Clemens(*6.Oct.1834), Arnold(*1837), Anton(*12.Dec.1838), Maria Anna(*30.Mar.1841) and Maria Elisabeth(*24.Mar.1843), emigrated 1846 via New Orleans

– Bünker, Franz(*05.April 1836 Steinfeld) and wife Anna Rolfes(*28.Febr.1847) , emigrated 1866 via New York

– Diers, Gerhard (*28.Febr.1831 Hogenbögen, +1916 New Vienna), emigrated 1858 together with Herbert Willenborg from Lohne

– Fangmann, Johann-Heinrich (*25.Jun.1826 Steinfeld) and wife Dorothee nee Meyer(*22.Nov.1815), emigrated 1843 together with sister Maria Meyer and Anton Kirchhoff, moved 1874 to Dyersville

– Fangmann, Franz (*26.Dec.1822 Steinfeld), emigrated 1846 via New Orleans and Dubuque, married 1852 in New Vienna Bernadine Honkomp, daugther of  Heinrich(Henry) Honkomp and Anna van Handrup

– Fangmann, Hermann Heinrich(+1903) emigrated approximate 1848 to New Vienna and married Elisabeth Mescher(* Dinklage), moved 1897 to Bancroft/Iowa

– Fröhle, Johann Clemens (*27.Febr1827 Steinfeld) emigrated 1854 to Cincinnati, married there Maria Anna Büscherhoff(*17.Sept.1832 Steinfeld), moved 1857 to New Vienna

– Hellmann, Gerhard Heinrich (*1790 Sevelten), emigrated 1834 with family to Minster/Ohio, moved 1843 to New Vienna

– Heying, Josef (*1814 Vechta) and wife Agnes Meyer (*1815 Steinfeld), emigrated 1847 with his mother to New Vienna

– Honkomp, Heinrich (or Henry) (*11.Jun.1801 Handorf/Holdorf), wife Anna von Handorf (vulgo Arens) (*5.Jan.1805 Handorf) and five children Caroline, Bernadine, Elisabeth, Anton and Henry, emigrated 1844 to New Vienna

– Johanning, Werner (Henry) (*6.Dec.1821 Holdorf, +22.Sept.1880 Holdorf) with wife Katharina Koopmann(*8.Dec.1835) and 9 children, emigrated 1874 to New Vienna

– Kirchhoff, Anton(+1868) and  Maria Agnes Meyer(*20.Apr.1814 Steinfeld, +1883), emigrated 1847 together with Fangmann, married 1847 in New Vienna

– Klostermann, Johann (*18.March 1818 Steinfeld) and wife Maria Anna Krümpelbeck(*25.May 1825 Holdorf), emigrated 1846 to New Vienna, he was the first Teacher there

– Klostermann, Heinrich Ferdinand (*7.Dec.1814 Steinfeld), emigrated 1840 to Ohio, moved 1844 to New Vienna, moved 1848 to Minnesota

– Kostermann, Josef (*19.Apr.1812 Steinfeld), seaman, and wife Agnes Meyer(*20.Apr.1814 Steinfeld, +1844 New Vienna) and two children, emigrated about 1840 to New Vienna

– Koopmann, Christoph (*29.Jun.1800 Holdorf) and Cathrina Wessling and son Martin(*25.Febr.1857), emigrated 1871 via Baltimore to New Vienna

– Krogmann, Josefine (*23.Sept.1822 Steinfeld) married 1850 in St.Louis Heinrich Schillmöller and moved to New Vienna

– Meyer, Johann Heinrich from Holdorf emigrated alone to St.Louis, later his family. Son Johann Henry(*1825) Meyer moved to New Vienna and married 1863 Elisabeth Schulte from Dinklage

– Puthoff, Franz (*15.Nov.1828 Damme) and 2. wife Maria Catharina Gramann and three children emigrated 1870 to New Vienna

– Rohenkohl, Johann-Friedrich emigrated 1830 with parents to Stallotown(Minster)/Ohio, moved 1843 with wife to New Vienna, moved 1870 to Kansas

– Schröder, Johann (*20.Mar.1803 Steinfeld) with wife Maria Elisabeth Grabber(20.Mar.1803) and the children Johann, Elisabeth, Johann Heinrich, Bernadina and Maria Agnes, all born in Steinfeld, emigrated about 1846 to New Vienna

– Schwers, Hermann Heinrich (*1816 Steinfeld) with Elisabeth Kramer(*1819) and the children Heinrich, Josef, Clemens Josefine, emigrated about 1865 to New Vienna

– Schwers, Gerhard Heinrich (*14.Nov.1819 Steinfeld), brother of Hermann Heinrich, with wife Josefine Böckmann(*28.Aug.1838) and the children Anton, Heinrich, Franz, emigrated 1866 to New Vienna

– Tauke, Heinrich (*21.May 1807 Twistringen) and wife Rebecca(*20.Nov.1811) and the children Adelheid, Magdalena, Catharina, Elisabeth, Angela and Anna, emigrated about 1840

– Vaske, Bernard (27.Mar.1830 Calveslage/Dinklage) married 1858 in New Vienna Elisabeth Böckenstedt(24.Mar.1843) from Steinfeld

– Vaske, Johann Bernard (*22.May 1797 Langförden), emigrated about 1834 to Minster/Ohio, married 1838 in Minster Josefine Stuckenborg, moved 1855 to New Vienna

– Vaske, Johann Heinrich (*30.Aug.1823 Holzhausen/Steinfeld), married in New Vienna 1855 Bernadine Wente(21.Nov.1835) from Bakum

– von der Heide, Heinrich (*1.Nov.1834 Oyten/Vechta) with wife Margaretha Meyer and the children Maria, Franziska, August, Ludwig, Gertrud and Bernard, emigrated 1866 to New Vienna

– Wente, Wilhem (*23.Aug.1805 Lohne) with wife Elisabeth Siemer(*12.Jan.1804 Bakum) and the children Clemens, Elisabeth, Bernardine, Josefine and Bernard, emigrated about 1855

– Wichmann, Hermann Heinrich (*15.Jan.1815, +1848 New Vienna) and wife Katharina Hellmann(*14.Apr.1820), emigrated to Minster/Ohio, moved later to New Vienna

– Willenborg, Herbert (5.Mar.1807 Lohne) with wife Katharina Meyer (*28.Jul.1810) and seven children Katharina, Stephan, Frank, Wilhemina, Bernard, Heinrich and Clemens, emigrated 1858 via New Orleans and Dubuque to New Vienna

– Willenbrink, Franz-Josef (*1830 Steinfeld), seaman, emigrated 1844 to New Vienna , later his wife Catharina nee Macke and five children, he died before the family arrived New Vienna

Other names without dates:
Freking, Funke, Kokenge, Wernke all from the province Oldenburg. 1845-1860 emigrated from Steinfeld aproximate 150 people, most to Dyersville and New Vienna, the „New Wine County“.

– Reverend Arthur A. Halbach, Dyersville -its history and its people-,1939
– Bob Mescher & Toby Bockenstedt, New Vienna – Unity in Community, 1995
– 800 Jahre Steinfeld – Chronik, 1987
– „Community Quick Reverence“ from Iowa Departement
– Letter from John Leon Scoblic, Ketchikan/Alaska, and Daniel Kortenkamp, University of Wisconsin

Additions from Father David Hoying, Minster

I am able to give a little more information concerning those who settled at New Vienna and Dyersville after they had first been in Minster, Ohio:

ROHENKOHL Johann Friedrich   * 17.8.1790 Bakum   imm-1832
“  Maria Gertrud RIEMANN   * 5.9.1786 Vestrup
“  Johann Friedrich   * 14.6.1817 Vestrup
“  Anna Maria Elisabetha  * 10.8.1820 Vestrup

HELLMANN Johann Gerhard   * 30.7.1781 Cappeln   imm-1834
“  Maria Elisabetha NEGGERMANN * 9.11.1784 Cappeln
“  Anna Maria Elisabetha  * 26.1.1816 Cappeln
“  Gerhard Heinrich  * 24.9.1817 Cappeln
“  Anna Maria Catharina  * 14.4.1820 Cappeln
“  Maria Angela   * 16.2.1825 Cappeln

Blöcker gnt. FANGMANN   Johann  * 2.7.1790 Steinfeld   imm-1833
“  Anna Maria Fransisca VON SCHEMDE  *2.9.1783 Steinfeld
“  Franz Arnold   * 16.9.1813 Steinfeld
“  Johann Heinrich   * 25.5.1817 Steinfeld
“  Franz Joseph   * 19.5.1820 Stenfeld
“  Maria Catharina   * 24.9.1823 Steinfeld
“  Maria Agnes   * 25.12.1826 Steinfeld
“  Johann Heinrich   * 13.1.1833 Steinfeld

STUKENBORG Josephina   * 24.2.1818 Steinfeld imm-1834

VASKE  Johann Bernard   * 22.5.1797 Langförden imm-1834

MESCHER Johann Herman Heinrich Tobias * 8.6.1785 Dinklage
“  Anna Catharina Margaretha MIDDENDORF *1.9.1824 Dinklage

WICHMANN Herman Heinrich  * 15.1.1815 Twistringen

TAUKE  Johann Heinrich   * 21.5.1807 Twistringen  imm-1832
“  Rebecca Maria   * 20.11.1811 Twistringen

DREES  Johann Rickward (Richard) * 13.10.1818 Garrel   imm-1846
“  Johann Heinrich   * 13.10.1866 Garrel

Several of these did die in Minster.

Father David Hoying