Emigrants from the former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (now Niedersachsen), Germany,
mainly to the United States, 1830-1849

Foreword by the Website Editor
On the Genealogy Internet Forum (www.genealogy.net) for the area of the old Duchy of Oldenburg (Oldenburg-L mailing list) many questions have been asked about the "Ostendorf article".  It was suggested by Bryan Kercher of  Houston, Texas that the entire article should be transcribed and published on the internet for general use by everyone.
     Spontaneously, besides the Editor and Bryan Kercher, came other volunteers: Inez Schade of Amsterdam (unfortunately had to drop out for health reasons), Diane Nelson of Goleta, California, and Cherie Richards of  Powell, Ohio.  Each was to take one part of the article to type in to the computer.
     The Editor obtained written permission from the Oldenburger Landesverein (the original publisher of the article), and from the Ostendorf Family, represented by Franz Ostendorf of Damme.  Franz Ostendorf explained that his father Franz Ostendorf  (Sr.) of Langförden and Franz Sr.'s brother Johannes Ostendorf of Lohne worked together all of their lives on it and that the emigration movement to the USA was Johannes Ostendorf's most important work.
     In the time period of about six months all of the chapters were typed in German and the Editor prepared them for the internet.
     Translating it all to English will take more time and volunteers.  In the meantime other articles pertaining to Damme - already in English - will be placed in the English section.  Thank you to Mrs. Elaine Moser of St. Louis, Missouri for the translation of the article "Gemeindechronik Holdorf" (Chronicles of the Community of Holdorf).
     For the work of all these contributors - Thank You!

Werner Honkomp, Oldenburg, October 01. 1999

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