Emigrants from the former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (now Niedersachsen), Germany,
mainly to the United States, 1830-1849


The corresponding names list is select through the reported villages:

  • Damme-Borringhausen by H. B. Hellebusch (teacher)
  • Damme- place
  • Damme-Dümmerlohausen by farmer advocate Wolking
  • Damme-Holte by B. Meyer
  • Damme-Osterdamme  by Macke
  • Damme-Osterfeine by Meyer
  • Damme-Haverbeck by Meyer
  • Damme-Bergfeine by Meyer
  • Damme-Reselage by Wöbkenberg
  • Damme-Sierhausen by Wöbkemberg
  • Damme- Rottinghausen by Piening
  • Damme-Rüschendorf by Schmiesing
  • Damme-Fladderlohausen by Drees
  • Holdorf-place  by Kamphake
  • Holdorf-Ihorst by Ferneding
  • Neuenkirche-Bieste by Rump
  • Neuenkirchen-Grapperhausen by Rüter
  • Neuenkirchen-Nellinghof by Angelbeck
  • Neuenkirchen-place by teachers Meyer



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